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Just like automobiles, heating and air conditioning units require regular upkeep and preventative maintenance. At Blazer Heating and Air, we are committed to helping our customers not only fix problems quickly but also avoid future ones by fixing them before they start with our preventative Richmond HVAC maintenance services. Our air conditioning and heating technicians can help you save big by avoiding problems before they begin.

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Through our preventative maintenance program, you can extend the life of your home comfort system, saving you time and money by avoiding unwanted complications and repairs. When you call Blazer Heating and Air, you’re not only protecting your home comfort system from failure but ensuring that your heater and air conditioning are running at maximum efficiency.

Common Issues We Can Help You Avoid

Most heating and AC units require preventative maintenance in the spring and fall.

Our Richmond HVAC Maintenance Experts Seek To Identify & Resolve The Following Issues:

  • Does the AC unit have enough refrigerant?
  • Does the outside unit need to be cleaned of dirt, leaves, or debris?
  • Are all of the drainage openings clean and functional?
  • Is the fan or motor damaged? Do the fan blades have excessive wear?
  • Are all of the controls and wiring systems working?
  • Is the compressor and tubing damaged or worn?

5 Monetary Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

1. Longer life-span of your HVAC units - Exactly how long your HVAC units last depend on their use, environment, and maintenance levels. The longer your unit serves you, the less money you'll spend on installations in the long run.

2. Fewer repairs that are less expensive as well - One thing our Richmond HVAC maintenance experts are good at is catching problems before they happen. So not only will regular HVAC tune-ups see to it that you have fewer repairs, but they'll be less severe as well.

3. Increased energy efficiency - As HVAC units age, they become less efficient over time. So while an old unit might still get your indoor air environment to the desired temperature, they'll need more electricity or gas to do so which will cost you.

4. Helps you stay under warranty - You'll have to read the fine print on your warranty to be sure, but a common theme in a lot of HVAC warranties is that they require you to subscribe to yearly HVAC maintenance.

5. Makes your HVAC costs more predictable - If you're the type of person who likes to budget ahead of time for expenses, then contact our Richmond HVAC maintenance specialists today. Nothing is worse on the budget than unforeseen, emergency costs which could cost a pretty penny.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance in Richmond Today

Should we find any potential issues with your unit, we will propose a solution and resolve it as quickly as possible. In many cases, our Richmond HVAC maintenance team offers same-day service for repairs, and because customers are our top priority, we provide free estimates on both replacements and second opinions. Your home comfort system is important, and Blazer Heating and Air want to make sure you are prepared for Virginia’s hot and cold-weather seasons.

Learn more today when you call us at (804) 277-2458 to schedule your preventative HVAC maintenance in Richmond. Our team looks forward to providing the air conditioning and heating services you need.

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  • “The technician, Jon, was very courteous, professional, and thorough with his assessment on his visit as part of our maintenance agreement with Blazer!”

    - Tiffany B.
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