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AC Repair


Effective 24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Services in Mechanicsville, Virginia Since 1986

Our AC repair services in Richmond and the surrounding areas are affordable, available seven days a week, and 100% guaranteed. Often, we’re able to provide same-day service. Under the mantra “bringing comfort home,” Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing understand the importance of a fully functioning air conditioner, especially during Virginia’s warm-weather season. That’s why our Richmond air conditioning repair team offers top quality work for an accessible price.

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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repair

When your air conditioner is experiencing an issue, you may notice a number of warning signs. Be on the lookout for these, as they can indicate your system is breaking down. In order to prevent further problems or extensive damage to your unit, reach out to a professional Richmond air conditioning repair technician as soon as you notice any of the following.

Warning Signs Your AC Needs Immediate Attention

  • Warm air – Usually, this issue can be fixed by refilling the coolant, which can be done very quickly by an expert. However, it can also be a sign of a larger (and more expensive) issue.
  • Loud noises – Air conditioners aren’t designed to be noisy systems. If you’re hearing more noise than usual coming from your unit, it’s time to call an expert to do a system check.
  • Weak airflow – The quality of airflow from your air conditioner depends largely on the age of your air filter. If you have recently changed your filter and are still experiencing weakened airflow, you’ll need to call a professional. This could be a sign of a larger blower problem with your system.
  • Leaks – If you start to notice leaks around or near your system, have an expert check it out right away. It could be a refrigerant leak, which is a serious health risk. It could also be due to a blocked or broken drain tube, which could lead to mold.
  • Strange smells – Musty smells coming from your air conditioner generally indicate mold inside your unit or ductwork. More pungent smells could be a sign that your air conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out.

Why Is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

There could be several reasons your air conditioner is running but not cooling properly. Some common issues include:

  • Dirty air filters: Regularly check and clean or replace air filters to maintain airflow and cooling efficiency.
  • Thermostat settings: Ensure the thermostat is set to "cool" and at a lower temperature than the room to enable proper cooling.
  • Refrigerant leak: Contact a professional HVAC technician to check for leaks and recharge refrigerant if necessary.
  • Blocked condenser unit: Clean the area around the outdoor condenser to allow for proper heat dissipation.
  • Faulty compressor: Have a qualified technician diagnose and repair compressor issues.
  • Frozen evaporator coil: Turn off the AC, let the coil thaw, and investigate the cause or call a professional.
  • Fan problems: Check for faulty indoor or outdoor fans and repair or replace as needed.
  • Electrical issues: Address faulty wiring, relays, or capacitors to ensure proper AC functioning.

For immediate assistance, reach out to us online or call (804) 277-2458 for AC repair in Richmond, VA!

Diagnosing Your Air Conditioner's Problem

Whether your home's AC system simply won’t work or you’re dealing with another issue, identifying problems early on can expedite the repair process. A wide range of factors can influence your AC’s performance, and recognizing potential issues can help you discuss the right solution with your certified Richmond AC repair technician.

Common AC Problems and Solutions

  • The outside unit is not functional, which could mean a broken thermostat or lack of power to the unit.
  • The AC coil is frozen, which might be caused by a lack of airflow, low refrigerant, or could simply mean you need a new filter.
  • The outside fan doesn’t work, which can cause the AC compressor to overheat and trip safety overload feature.
  • The air conditioning unit needs refrigerant (or Freon), which may indicate a leak or problems with the refrigerant system.
  • The AC’s wiring is bad, which may trip the AC circuit breaker and keep the outside unit from getting a power supply.

Why Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing is Your Best Choice for AC Repair in Richmond

As a full-service HVAC company, our team of AC repair technicians aim to provide outstanding service. Whether it is for a residential or a commercial project, we are fully equipped to help you, from the proper diagnosis of the issue to ensuring that your unit is working properly. We only use the most updated equipment and technology. Numerous customers have been satisfied with the work we provide, and that is why we stand by our work, and only offer the highest quality of service possible.

24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Richmond

Home and business owners in Richmond, Virginia understand the importance of air conditioning given the warm climate during much of the year. Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing offers 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair services to make sure customers have access to temperature control when they need it most. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can lead to extreme discomfort, particularly in summer months, so having access to professional repair services around the clock is invaluable. Not only does emergency air conditioning repair help keep homes and offices cool; it also prevents further damage due to functioning improperly, which could end up costing far more if left unfixed. 

Comprehensive AC Repair Services We Offer

  • HVAC Diagnostics
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Broken / Inoperable Fan
  • Compressor Problems
  • Drainage Problems
  • Low Refrigerant
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • And More

Experiencing AC issues? Call or schedule your repair online with Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing today!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why is it important to have 24-hour emergency AC repair services in Richmond, VA?

In Richmond's warm climate, a functioning air conditioner is essential for comfort and safety. 24-hour emergency AC repair services ensure that you have access to immediate assistance when your AC malfunctions, especially during the hot summer months. Prompt repairs not only restore comfort but also prevent further damage to the system, which could lead to more costly repairs if neglected.

Why should I choose Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing for my air conditioning repair needs in Richmond?

Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing stands out as a top choice for air conditioning repair in Richmond due to our commitment to quality service, availability for emergency repairs, and extensive experience since 1986. Our skilled technicians use the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and fix your AC issues, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. We guarantee our work, reflecting our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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