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Human hand wearing yellow rubber gloves is using a device to fix a clogged toilet bowl.

Troubleshooting a Clogged Toilet

Signs Your Toilet is Clogged

Dealing with a clogged toilet is never fun, but it’s a common issue many homeowners face. Knowing the signs of a toilet clog vs. another plumbing issue is the first step in diagnosing your problem.

Your toilet might be clogged if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • The water in the bowl rises without draining.
  • Flushing results in backflow or slow drainage.
  • Unusual noises, like gurgling, occur when other fixtures are used.

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Where Toilet Clogs Usually Appear

Clogs can occur in several areas within your toilet’s plumbing system. Understanding where the clog occurs in the toilet's plumbing will dictate the method you'll need to use to unclog it effectively. Different locations require different tools and approaches, ensuring you address the problem accurately and efficiently.

Toilet clogs typically occur in one of the three following locations:

  1. Toilet trap
  2. Drain line
  3. Vent pipe

DIY Toilet Clog Repair Tips

Try using a flange plunger to create a seal and push the clog through; pour hot (not boiling) water and dish soap into the bowl to help break up the clog (do not use corrosive chemicals as they can damage your toilet and plumbing); or use a plumbing snake to reach deeper into the drain to dislodge stubborn clogs.

If these methods don't work or you don't have the necessary tools, reach out to Blazer Heating, Air, and Plumbing for professional toilet repair service.

Blaze the Bear with plumbing truck in front of home

Why Call a Plumber

In addition to dealing with urgent toilet clogs, if you’re experiencing frequent or severe clogs, it’s worth calling our plumbers out for a plumbing inspection. Our plumbers have specialized tools and can also help you identify underlying issues. For example, persistent clogs may indicate more severe problems like tree root intrusion, corroded pipes, or other significant blockages further down your sewer line.

Are you having issues with persistent toilet clogs? Contact our team today to schedule a repair service.