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Replacing the Air Filters in Your Air Conditioner

Just like your car, refrigerator, computer, dryer (or any machine, really), your air conditioner needs maintenance and replacement from time to time. It's not meant to last forever, but if you take care of it properly it can last you quite awhile. The best way to take care of your air conditioner and prevent it from breaking down is to change your air filters. Simple!

The filters in your AC catch all the dirty particles in the air, so as you can imagine, it gets pretty dirty. To keep the air flowing properly, it's important to change these filters once every 30-60 days. Dirty air filters can kill your air conditioner's efficiency and cost you more money in the long run. Worse yet, it will stop your AC from blowing cool air.

Changing the air filters is not difficult, although the process may vary depending on the system you have. If you have a window unit, the filter can normally be found in the front of the unit, just below the vents. For central air conditioners, you'll want to check your user manual. The filter is generally located somewhere along the return duct. Some filters are washable; others are not. Depending on the type of unit, you may need to buy new filters to replace the old ones.

Once you have installed the clean filters, your AC will be humming along nicely and you'll be enjoying fresh, cool air once again...for the next 30-60 days anyway.